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Faztek Evolution - Innovative Guarding & Safety Solutions

After over 14 years of business, Faztek has evolved from the standard commodity T-Slotted Aluminum supplier into a Safety Guarding Services Company. We have expanded our products to offer something no one else in this industry offers, 3 types of safety products. Steel Guarding, Electronic Safety Devices, and Custom T-Slotted Aluminum. We works directly with customers providing safety solutions to help protect their employees, machines, and company as a whole.

Faztek recognizes that our primary mission is to provide our customers with the best safety solutions through innovative designs, quality products, and dependable service within a reasonable time frame at an appropriate price.

Assembly Services

We pride ourselves in being one of the fastest in the industry to ship you a fully assembled or sub-assembled project!

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Improving Plant Safety

Not having an accident doesn't mean a facility is safe! The cost of safeguarding a machine more than outweighs the consequences of machine downtime, OSHA fines, litigation, medical bills, workman's compensation, and most importantly injury to your employees. Even the most experienced machine operators get hurt due to lack of machine guarding.

Here are some things to consider:
     • Is your company safety conscious?
     • Does your company have an active safety program?
     • Are operators allowed to shut machines down for Safety issues?
     • Is safety more important than production rates?
     • Has a Safety company assessed the risk of your machinery?


T-Slotted Aluminum Solutions!

Faztek is a leader in the T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion Modular Framing Systems market. We provide many more options than just T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions and T-Slot Components. We provide you with a complete solution to meet your specific Modular Framing System needs!

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Faztek has established itself as an extraordinary company with defined niches in its marketplace. Balancing the reliability of our T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions with a friendly company feel. Faztek perfects its unique ability to cater to its T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion customers. The development of a solid reputation through its past successes in the Modular Framing industry and tremendous customer service and support is what propels us into continued growth in the T-Slot Aluminum market.

Core Products!


85% of all our Extruded Aluminum projects are built using this Core Products Guide.

Our FREE Core Product Guide is a selection of the most commonly used T-Slot profiles and T-Slot components. These Core Products have been selected from the complete Faztek line of over 1000 T-Slot components and T-Slot profiles, making the design process for most Modular Framing System projects quick and easy. Learn more about our core products now... Core Products!